Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Natasya

Hi Natasya,

How are you my dear? I miss you. I miss talking to you. Everytime I cry, I wish to talk to you. You and only you. You have no idea how hard my life is now. You don't know how much it hurts missing a bestfriend who I used to talk to everyday. I miss you. No words to describe it. No tears could resemble this feeling. I need you. But you're far away. From me

Dear Natasya,
I'm a smiling liar. I'm breaking apart. I'm tearing apart. Pray for me. As I am losing my strength. LIfe is hard. The world is cruel. Community is hideous. Life is a gamble. Everything is a game. Everything is a deceive. It is soo hard going through everything with a broken heart.Tasya, I need you. I really need you.

Dear Natasya. It is a lie if I said that I don't miss you. I am not ready to meet you. I am at my worst condition. Sincerely.

Dear Natasya, pray for me. I have lost my strength. I miss you. A lot. You used to be my pillar of strength without you knowing it. I lost my strength when I lost my bestfriend. I miss you bestfriend. You are my one and only till Jannah. Forever <3 Take care. I am praying for your happiness. Never replace me. As I will be back for you one day. Yes, I will.